Posted by: Michael | 11 December 2012

Watering Hole Spotlight: Sergio’s World Beers

Mrs. Brew Reviewer and I got married in August of 2011. Prior to the wedding I was fortunate enough to enjoy the American pre-matrimonial ritual par excellence – the bachelor party. For the evening’s outing I elected to have dinner at the New Albanian Public House (which I’ll have to discuss in the future) with drinks to follow at Sergio’s World Beers in Louisville.

There are two things you need to know about Sergio’s. For one, it’s one of the most important places for beer lovers – if not the most importance place for them – in Louisville. If you want any credibility as a serious imbiber of the brew, you must go to Sergio’s. End of story. Second, Sergio’s is not where you take that girl you just met out on a date. Don’t take your bros here to impress them with how many Grey Gooses and OJ you can afford, either. And forget taking your parents out for a classy drink. Why the warning? Think early 1980s new home construction basement. Drop ceilings, fluorescent lights, rickety ceiling fans. Old diner tables and booths. Little separation between customer and employee spaces. [Of course, don’t forget – I’m recollecting all of this through them…ahem…fog…of a bachelor party. Since we moved away right after, I haven’t been able to return.].

That’s the sort of place Sergio’s is. Which is not to knock it for its appearance – the place just doesn’t really care about what it looks like. Sergio knows what kind of place he wants to run, and it functions extremely well as a beer joint of the highest caliber, with no bells or whistles to take away from the main focus. You’ll find refrigerators lining the walls of the bar, all of which are open for your own access. Sergio’s doesn’t mess around with fussy wait staff – you get up and get your own beer, thank you very much. They’ll come take a food order and leave your check, but they won’t bug you every three minutes. Those beer fridges in the kitchen are open for you to peruse, too, so don’t mind the cook as he squeezes by with someone’s dinner. There’s a well-stocked tap, to be sure, and you can find more than plenty to drink there: Sergio’s tap selection beats just about anyone.

There is no dance floor. You will not be picking up women or men at this bar. You will not be playing beer pong in the backroom or downing liquor-and-beer drinks named after horrific events in international history. There is no speaker system permanently set to bro rock. You go to Sergio’s because you love beer. And if you go to Sergio’s because you love beer, you will most certainly love Sergio’s. If heaven is a brewery, Sergio’s is the waiting room.

Sergio’s World Beers


1605 Story Avenue

Louisville, Kentucky 40206



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