Posted by: Michael | 11 December 2012

New directions?

            With the academic semester winding down, I thought I’d try and do a little more to get The Brew Review off the ground. I’m done with my own formal responsibilities; while I wrap up undergraduate administrative duties and turn to more leisurely school pursuits, I’ve got a little bit of spare time to devote to the blog. Of course I want (and need) the next few weeks to be restful, but I’d also like to see more content on this site. With that in mind I’ve set myself a goal: post 1 page’s worth* on the blog as often as possible. Every day is the ideal, but I’ve made promises to myself like that before and it doesn’t exactly go over all that well.

            As much as I’d like to post a review every day, I’ve got neither the time nor the money for that – the beers that I feature here are paid for out of my pocket (and happily so). So perhaps this could also be a space for more creative thinking. Obviously the beer itself – how it looks, smells, tastes, and feels – is the main point here, but I also enjoy musing on the deeper side of the wonderful beverage. Who made it? Why do we drink it? What does each beer say about a specific place and time? After all, there’s a reason that beer is so damn good, beyond the fact that it works as an excellent conversational lubricant and makes us feel like philosophers after a few. Or at least there’s a reason beyond that for me. I’ve had beer that literally made me want to stop in the middle of my conversation and just sit there: it was so wonderful. I’ve also had beer that made me wonder what in the world the brewer was smoking when he put it all together, it was so terrible. There’s got to be something to that, and I’d like to explore it publicly here.

            There are tons of beer news and opinion sites out there. There are tons that are far more established than mine, with vastly larger readerships, generous advertisers, and connections to the industry. I realize that this is not one of those sites, and that’s OK. I’m happy for my little corner of the Internet on which I can raise a glass.

* – measured as 1 page in Microsoft Word, on Times New Roman size 12 font, double-spaced. Call it a few hundred words.


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