Posted by: Michael | 2 December 2012

Brew Review #11: 3 Floyds Zombie Dust

Beer: Zombie Dust

Brewer: 3 Floyds, Munster, IN

Style: India Pale Ale

ABV: 6.4%

Last month, I had the pleasure of being in Chicago for Loyola University’s annual History Graduate Student Conference, an event they generously sponsor so grad students can get together, share their work, and make new connections. After a long train ride via the South Shore Line (a.k.a. “The Screaming Child Express”) and Chicago CTA, I was more than ready for a beer at the end of the day. I thus found myself at Clark Street Ale House. More on that below. No photos for this one, as the place was extremely dark inside. On top of that I would have looked like one of these people had I started snapping away with my phone:


3 Floyds describes this beer as an “intensely hopped and gushing undead pale ale” that “will be ones [sic] only respite after the zombie apocalypse.” If this is the only thing available after said event, you can count me in – in fact, I think I’d go through the zombie apocalypse just to guarantee myself another one of these.

It’s hard for me to praise this beer highly enough. It arrived at my table in the typical straight-sided pint glass, chilled beyond what I would usually prefer. In any case the aroma was subtly floral – just enough to claim that once it warmed up a bit it would offer a little more nose, but not so much that it overwhelms your olfactory palate. But the taste – oh, the taste – that’s where this beer shines.

Citrus is the name of the game here. I was immediately hit with awesome peach right up front, with a wonderful grapefruit aftertaste. Without being heavy in the slightest, this beer was creamy – I struggled to find the right word to describe it until I came up with “dreamsicle.” Indeed that is probably the best word for this beer, both in type of taste and pure pleasure of experience. As it warmed up, the hops note predictably came to the fore but not nearly as much as you might think. This beer doesn’t scream IPA as much as it boldly states “hey bro I’m an IPA. I won’t beat you over the head with it, but here’s my hops and stuff.” Experienced drinkers will have this pegged as an IPA from a mile away but it won’t scare off a novice who’s at least a little bit adventuresome.

Zombie Dust drinks extremely lightly – I can easily imagine myself coming in from mowing the lawn in the peak of July heat and downing one of these with gusto (this is in the world where I can afford to do so, of course). In fact it’s dangerously good. It drinks sufficiently lightly and with such a wonderful taste that it wouldn’t take long to go from “Yes please I’ll have another” to “Oh my I’ve found table under the myself.”

This is one of the best beers, if not the best beer, I’ve ever had. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I believe I paid around $6 for it – well worth the price. The Clark Street Ale House is another story on its own. I arrived at about 7:30 local time and it was already rather crowded; I can imagine it becoming rather cramped by the time 9:30 or 10:00 rolls around. I should note, too, that this is a place you go to have a beer – you don’t show up for a snack, as I (sadly) found out. I came in extremely hungry and was looking forward to a burger until the waitress informed me there is no food menu at this establishment. I recovered from my shock well enough to enjoy my 3 Floyds Zombie Dust. All in the interest of The Brew Review, of course.

For a better breakdown of the individual components of this beer – for those of you looking for a numerical score, that is – check out my review on Pintley. They don’t allow links back to their site, but I can be found under the username maskaggs.

Don’t forget – alcohol is meant to be enjoyed, but it can hurt you and those around you. Drink responsibly – buzzed driving is drunk driving, too. Enjoy your fine brews in moderation, and don’t be afraid to know when it’s time to stop or call for a driver. There’s no shame in handing your keys to someone else. As they say over at Beer Advocate – Respect Beer!


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